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  Welcome to The Miracle Tree Collection !  My name is Ashley Samborski.  The Three Trees before you are;  The Tree of Miracles (Gold),  The Tree of Love (Red),  and The Healing Tree (Black).  Each one of these Trees was created with a unique characteristic in mind, however they all share in one common goal, to spread love and light, where ever they go! 

  Should you qualify to adopt one of these Trees as your own, and become the newest member of The Miracle Tree Family, then you as the new beholder shall decide what each Tree means to you.  Perhaps you wish to celebrate the Miracle of a birth, Anniversary Love, or simply purchase a symbol of Healing for a loved one in need.

  The purpose of this art collection is to help the observer achieve a higher state of being.  By focusing on positive aspects in ones life, it is possible to accomplish Miracles.  You may find over time that the original meaning you gave to your Tree, has become just one of many to take root.  As you grow through this journey of life, so to do these Trees grow with you.   

  To learn more about how these Trees are made and the story behind their creation,  please click on the link at the top left corner of this page.  Thank you.


Each Tree sells for $999 (CAD) tax  included.  Free  shipping to most places in Canada.

Buy 3 and receive $157 off your order.

Currently accepting e-transfers, credit card and debit.

Introducing the newest member of The Miracle Family!

  Welcome, it brings me great joy to introduce to you,  The Tree of Michael.  This Tree was created to honour my favorite Arch Angel.  On July 13th, 2014 Michael appeared before me I was in the process of taking my own life.  I have no doubt in my heart that had he not done so, I would not be here today to share this amazing gift with you.   

  This Tree was painted purple, blue, and gold, all colours which resonate with the Arch Angel.  The branches are painted purple and covered in Amethyst Crystal to help bring in the Angels energy.   The stem is blue and covered in Quartz Crystal, this represents the Sword of Arch Angel Michael, the base is gold and symbolizes his Shield of Protection.  The base is covered with Tigers Eye and also contains Shungite powder from Russia, copper filings, Quartz Crystal, and Resin, which together create an Orgonite Generator.

  Should you choose to adopt this Tree as your own, it is my belief that you are inviting the energy of Arch Angel Michael along with it.  This Tree is custom made and takes about two weeks from purchase date, it sells for $1111 (CAD), tax and shipping to most places in Canada included.

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