The Miracle Tree Story

   The physical birth of this collection took place in the summer of 2015,  however in my opinion, the real date of creation began two years prior, on June 29th.  This was the day I lost my mom to cancer, my understanding of faith, my sense of purpose, and my will to go on.  This was the beginning of my journey through a dark night of the soul.

   The day my mom took her final breath in my arms, I realized like never before that our time in this physical world was limited.  I couldn't help but to conduct an internal, and external audit of everything in my life.  The results seemed to bring out even more heart ache and confusion.

   For thirteen months just existing day to day was a struggle, I felt shackled to a body that was riddled with pain, and tied to a character that had no love for life, or himself.  Many hours each day were spent alone in my garage trying to escape reality.  On July 13th, 2014, I sat down in my garage once again, except this time I started to focus on how painful the last year had been since my mom left.  I asked myself if I could live another forty years with so much pain inside and I felt my heart sink.  I started to question why I was continuing to live in an existence that I never really enjoyed.  I looked to the future and all I saw was more pain and suffering.  I started to review my past to see if all the hurt I had ever experienced was worth the joy this life had to offer.  


   Three months after finding out my mom had cancer, I told my wife and partner of fourteen years, that if we were ever going to have a child,  I thought that the time should be now.  She became pregnant and I envisioned my mom having at least a few years with her first grandchild.  When her life in the physical world came to an end three months before my son was born,  I felt betrayed  by a God I spent my whole life believing in. 

   After revisiting so many painful memories,  my body started to flood with adrenaline,  it felt as if all the pain from those experiences hit me at once.   I started to paint God as just another bully in my life as I felt anger begin to fill my veins.  It was at that moment I wished I could just exit this life.  A voice in my head whispered,  "all you have to do is go start your car,  come sit back down,  and all the pain will be gone."  For the first time in over a year I felt in control of something.  The idea of no more pain brought a smile to my face,  and the idea of getting back at God was an added bonus.  After some final thoughts,  I decided that this world would be better off without me and that I had enough of it,  I grabbed my keys,  leaned forward to get up, and right before I could get to my feet,  an Angelic presence appeared eight feet in front of me.  After a brief one way conversation,  I was assured that I had the strength within to turn my life around, and that my plan was no longer an option.

   It's hard to express with words the emotions involved when you are giving up on life one second, and then saying,  ok, I guess I'm going to live in an existence that I'm done with, and I'll turn my life around even though I don`t believe it's possible.  The next nine months of my life were spent trying to drown out my reality rather than fix it.  After one month of straight drinking, and staring a divorce in the eyes,  I decided it was finally time to face my shadows head on.  I quit drinking, changed my diet,  joined a gym, and worked endlessly to leave behind any qualities or hobbies that no longer served me.  After a short period of time,  I had changed so many things in my life that I no longer knew what made me happy.  I felt that all the hard work I had put into changing my life was wasted time,  I contemplated going back to my old drinking lifestyle.   Days after expressing these emotions of frustration, I was guided to create the first ever Miracle Tree.  For the first time in two years,  I went from believing that healing was possible, to knowing it was.  I considered this to be nothing short of a Miracle.


How they are made

   The Trees in this collection are custom made by hand using eight mild steel rods, the overall height is just under 14 inches, with a 3.5 X 1/4 inch base.  Once the welding is complete, the bare sculpture weighs approximately 1 pound,  1.1 ounces.  After sanding, the Trees are painted and layered with the specific crystal to match your order. 


  The Tree of Miracles is painted gold and made with Amethyst, Citrine, and Quartz crystal.  The 44mm heart on top is Quartz crystal.  The colour gold was used to symbolize the highest level of gratitude, which I felt when these Trees came into my life.  


  The Tree of Love says it all,  this Tree is all about love, it's painted red, the colour of Love, it's a symbol of Love, and Rose Quartz crystal is used for the entire Tree, including the 44mm heart on top.  

  The Healing Tree is painted black,  a colour believed to absorb the negative energy from it's environment.   The crystal used to make up the bark of this Tree is Black Tourmaline.  I chose this crystal for it's both a protection and healing stone, its also believed to help those with suicidal thoughts.  The 44mm heart on top is made from Amethyst crystal, also known for its healing qualities.

  My wish is that these Trees bring as much joy and happiness into your life as they have done so in mine.   Thank you, and for those of you who choose to do so,  Welcome to the family !